Saving Money

There are many ways of saving, both now and for your future. The linked pages that follow will give you a few ideas as to how to do that, as well as links to outside pages that might be able to help:


This page highlights the value of saving with credit unions, as well as some basic details of savings packages, and what commonly used terminology means.


Here you'll find tips and information to help you keep your home warm without paying astronomical fuel bills, and what organisations can help.


How to get the best for your money when buying food. Also, If you're having trouble getting those essential items you need for your home, there are details here of where you might get help.


How to get help giving up those expensive habits in order to save yourself money i.e. get help to give up smoking etc.

There are other ways to save of course, also. For instance:

How important is your purchase? Try waiting a few days and thinking if you can do without whatever you're considering buying. Quite often, upon reflection, you find you can do without, or can find a cheaper alternative…

Make a budget. Making and sticking to a budget (that includes some things that you enjoy) is a great way of ensuring you're making the most of your money.

Online access: purchasing items online can save you money. Obviously, home internet is itself a cost, however, and many libraries etc. offer free access to the internet.

Aberdeen City Library

Aberdeenshire Library provides many useful comparisons for anyone looking to get the best deal on internet, phone and energy connections. A number of comparison websites are available as well to help make sure you're getting the best deals – a list is available here.