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A Referral Service for those with financial issues or those Providing Help or Support


Referral Service - How it works

Referrals can be made by individuals or professionals on behalf of their client (e.g. health visitors, support workers), with their permission, of course. The time scale of the process varies depending upon the client's needs and the amount of help and support which is required. The quicker the referral is made the quicker the process can begin.
what we can offer
CIYPP Online Referral and Directory Service
The Cash In Your Pocket Team co-ordinate an online directory of services that can help with specific needs. This easy to access tool, provides a real-time guide to available services and can be used by anyone looking for, or providing support, to others seeking help, or advice.
As well as providing information, the directory allows you to make an immediate referral to the Cash In Your Pocket Partnership, to put you in touch with the most relevant organisation(s), to get the help you need.

Click here to access online directory and make a referral


Advice and information
Citizens of all ages and backgrounds need to be able to access good quality advice to help address the often complex issues they face. The advice they receive must be impartial, accurate and practical.


Financial education initiatives
Financial learning is about supporting people to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to be able to manage their money effectively and make informed financial choices.


Affordable financial products and services
Access to credit and savings that are suitable for those on low incomes is a necessity, allowing people to build upon sustainable financial practices, whilst maintaining fair and adequate lifestyles. Local Credit Unions provide a valuable route to acheiving this, and act as key members of the Partnership.